“Throughout the past few years, Marie has been a go-to resource for well-thought-out, well-written content [for Southern New Hampshire University] that incorporates specific research, SME interviews and SEO keywords, always delivering on quality work with a brief turnaround time. Her institutional knowledge, coupled with her education, experience and skills, are integral to the type of content she consistently delivers upon. What’s more, Marie is a delight to work with, always. She’s a solid professional, who asks the pertinent questions to move a project forward, keeps me apprised of where things are at and can successfully bring a piece a content to its final stage with ease. Who could ask for more?” – Pamme Boutselis, Senior Content Director, Writer

“I enjoyed working with you. I appreciated your kindness, support, and willingness to work with me. I truly appreciated knowing that my [teaching] statement was well-written and engaging. Phew! I also appreciated knowing that my approach resonated with you.” – Russell Milligan, Ph.D.

“…thank you for all of your hard work these past few months. You have made this new job of mine a whole lot easier. I am fortunate to be able to send you tasks every week knowing I will get them back on time (sometimes early), grammatically correct, and filled with captivating copy. I cannot thank you enough for this and I look forward to another year of enjoyable editing!” – Mara Wilson, Editor, Hayneedle.com

“I am very excited by the idea of working together and appreciate how professional you are. As a small business owner I have worked with many contractors and you are by far, the most professional. I appreciate the note you sent me as well :-)” — Kris L., Owner/CEO, Visual Inspiration

“Marie was an absolute joy to work with. I especially enjoyed the times when we were able to collaborate one-on-one on package ideas. Her copy was always clear and concise and she always provided helpful creative direction as an account lead. Overall, Marie is extremely well organized, proactive, and hard working. From copy writing to project managing to freelancing, Marie was able to take on a multitude of tasks with the greatest of ease!” — Emily N., Senior Art Director, Laird + Partners

“Working with Marie was a freelancer’s dream! She was always professional, easy going, fun, and a great communicator. Such a pleasure to work with someone who’s at ease giving you good feedback and who takes the time to compliment a job well done. If the opportunity to work together again comes up, I’m on board in a heartbeat!” – Mary M., direct mail copywriter

“Marie is, of course, an excellent writer. When I worked with her, though, Marie’s job was to assist me with my writings. Marie is probably the best editor-type person I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many. She has all the usual editing skills, providing excellent technical assistance with fine points of grammar and style. In addition, though, Marie is a real ‘thinking’ editor. She gets a sense of whether the written word is truly communicating, whether the substance hangs together well, and how effectively the intended message emerges from the text. Her editorial counsel, then, goes beyond the mechanics of the writing process, and extends to the substance of the communication as well. In my experience, Marie has been one of very few editors with the ability to do this effectively.” – Joel Z., Marketing Consultant

“Marie always pays special attention to the unique programs or services that our nonprofit clients provide to their constituent groups. This results in fresh fundraising appeals and enhances our concept development. She writes with clarity and is able to tell a compelling story. I never had to nag her about a deadline, either. Very professional!” – Lisa H., account executive

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